The Nordic Programme

Students from the Nordic countries (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Greenland) can apply for The Nordic Program which is a two years education of the craft of both glass blowing and cold working.

What you will learn
The largest part of the education is devoted to train various glass blowing and cold working techniques and you will develop your ability to express yourself through the craft of glass.

Each day the hours are equally divided between the hot glass and the cold glass. We will teach you the craft of glass blowing, various techniques. You will learn to blow tableware as well as art glass objects, how to blow in molds and how to work free hand, shaping the glass in wet newspaper. We will teach you knowledge about tools, equipment and how to work with glass colors. In the second year you will learn about incalmo, overlay and graal techniques among many others.

In the cold work shop you will learn how to finish your glass pieces, how to grain and polish them. We will teach you deep cutting and flower cutting. You will also learn about slumping, fusing, kiln casting and sand blasting. We offer you a basic knowledge about bead making and lampworking.

During the 2 years we will make study trips to various glass factories and studios. We will also visit Essemce and Corgab, the equipment stores for glass supplies and colors. Under the second year you will get the possibility to plan and make a study trip to Venice and Murano in Italy together with your class mates.

After completing your training at the Glass School you can work in the glass industry or in glass studios. You will also be eligible for post-secondary polytechnic education, Design & Art Glass here at the National School of Glass. You will be able to continue studying at any school of art or applying for designers education, for example at the Linne´ University, which is also located in Pukeberg.

Students who graduated from our school have a very good international reputation and many of the famous glass craftsmen and artists in the Nordic region, for example Kjell Engmand and Ludvig Löfgren, have started their careers at the National School of Glass.
During the years more than 300 Nordic students have been educated at The National School of Glass Orrefors/Pukeberg. The education is placed in Pukebergs old Glass Factory since the summer 2014.

Admissions / Application
If you have completed upper secondary education from your home country or if you are 20 years you use our application form further up on this side.

Are you under 20 and do not have a high school education you must apply at Åkrahällskolan. You will also be able to request an application form from our guidance counselor.

Application deadline
You can apply all year round. The program begins in September.

This type of education is open for students from all over the world provided an agreement is reached between the school and the student regarding financing of the fees.

The course fee for The Nordic program is currently funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Costs for food and accommodation are not included in the course fees but the education is entitled for student aid which means that you can apply for the support in your home country.

The tuition fee for foreign students outside the Nordic countries is 70,000 SEK per semester.

You will have to fill in the application form here below and send it to us: application_form_riksglasskolan – PDF (163 KB)

Please send your application form to:
Nybro Vuxenutbildning
Att. Madeleine Frank
382 80 Nybro

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact our guidance counselor Madeleine Frank.

Madeleine Frank
Guidance counselor
+46-481-455 64