About the school

The National School of Glass has a long tradition. We have educated students since 1969, when the education was meant [...]


Students from all over the World, outside the Nordic Countries The National School of Glass can offer you from 1 [...]

  Facilities and Equipment

Hot shop 400 square meters 2 Furnaces 4 Annealing ovens 2 Color ovens 4 Color powder cupboards with filter 1 [...]

  Application form

Here you can down load our application form. application_form_riksglasskolan - PDF (163 KB)


If you have any question do not hesitate to contact our guidance counselors Johan Lerbacka. Johan Lerbacka guidance counselors +46-481-455 [...]


Pricelist for foreign students outside the Nordic countries: 65,000 SEK per semester. The course fee includes tutoring, materials and some [...]

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